“Ice Box Challenge” Los Angeles

Icebox Challenge Los Angeles, Passive House, PHCA

The Icebox Challenge is a contest. It will be comprised of two small structures (5’x5’ – h: 11’), one built to the Title 24 California Building Code, and the other, built to the Passive House (PH) Standard optimized for the local climate. Each Ice Box will contain 500 pounds of ice. The Ice Boxes ...

International Passive House Open Days 2018 Los Angeles Area

Passive House Los Angeles Tour

Visit the first 3 Passive Houses in Los Angeles | An event provided by Passive House California (PHCA): – A brand new Passive House in Culver City (PHLA+), which is under construction and nearing completion. This Net-Zero home is located on a multifamily lot offering 1,750 sq.ft. of living area ...

Passive House LA | Website

Passive House Los Angeles_s

The Passive House Los Angeles (PHLA+) website is now available at www.passivehousela.com with information and pictures of the


The Wende Museum Logo

The Wende Museum by PARAVANT Architects celebrates the grand opening in Culver City, CA. This week the new home of The Wende Museum is featured by multiple news outlets and many people have visited to experience the brand new exhibition space: Los Angeles Times Culver City News Santa Monica ...