Title:           Architecture of Low Energy Consumption 
Publisher:   Phoenix 
ISBN:          978-7-214-07517-8

Title:           Modern Architecture Into the Future
   Ifeng Sapce

Title:           Architectural Competition Works II
Publisher:   Ifeng Sapce
ISBN:          978-7-214-08096-7

Title:           Container Atlas: A Practical Guide to Container Architecture
Publisher:   Die Gestalten Verlag
ISBN:          978-3899552867

Title:           1000x Architecture of the Americas
Publisher:    Brown, Germany, 2009
ISBN:           978-3-938780-56-5

Title:            New Concept Architecture (Vol. 1&2)
Publisher:    Rihan, Hong Kong, 2010
ISBN:           978-988-18758-5-3

Title:            Prefab Agenda – Sustainable dwelling
Publisher:    Robert Mendel, California, 2010



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