PARAVANT Architects Receives Energy Efficiency Award

Passive House Los Angeles (PHLA+) by PARAVANT Architects receives Energy Efficiency Award in San Francisco in collaboration with WAREMA and CPHBA. This ultimate recognition is initiated by German Energy Solutions Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs.

The automated exterior sunshades by WAREMA / CPHBA are a key element of this new built residential Passive House in Los Angeles.

By keeping the sun out of the building in this hot area of the U.S., the shades help tremendously PHLA+ by lowering its Cooling needs and lower energy consumption, therefore making it easier to reach the Passive House Standard and Zero Net Energy / Plus Energy status.

Special thanks to the entire team for making this project a success. Thank you Cyril Petit (CPHBA), Ralf Nowakowski (Warema) an Installation Team.

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