Taipei 120 – High-Rise, Taiwan

The 160,000 square meter residential tower located in Taipei City, Taiwan is a twenty-first century high-rise that understands the context of the environment which it arises from.  Situated on an 8,000 square meter L-shaped site the tower is flanked on one side by an elevated boulevard connecting the new urban area with the City Center.  The other sides of the tower cradles the adjacent buildings on neighboring sites.  The veiled appearance of the upper residential facade is composed of glazed cubes giving this portion of the tower a vibrant, crystallized character.  At this height the tower complements the organic beauty of the distant mountains surrounding Taipei, and offers the residence views beyond the dense urban city below.  The facade becomes more chiseled, and eventually very polished and ordered, as it reaches the pedestrian level of the street below, acknowledging the surrounding city and the nature of urban life.  The physical form of the tower in combination with the attributes of the materials used gives the building a dynamic quality of movement, and makes the tower a lantern that reflects light during the day and glows at night.  Taipei 120 is a direct expression of the history of Taiwan.  As Taiwan arose out of the ocean, so to the mountains arose out of the land, the city out of the mountains, and the tower out of the city.
Exterior Facade & Overall Massing Design: PARAVANT Architects in collaboration with Yang Architects.

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